New and replacement pipeline construction has always been at the forefront of operations at RoadPak Industries.

From humble beginnings in the subdivision and development industry throughout the early 90’s, to construction of major trunk and supply pipelines at present. With a history of delivering pipeline projects on time and to budget, RoadPak continues being a dependable partner in water infrastructure development and maintenance.

Throughout the water industry, it is not uncommon to require access to an area, space or zone of increased or high risk. These risks can include but are not limited to: Confined spaces, working at heights, restricted access areas, hot works and other areas requiring additional safety controls or precautions.

To assist water network owners and operators with these necessary operations, we offer the following service systems, personnel, and equipment:

  • Confined space access equipment
  • Confined space rescue equipment
  • Licensed and ticketed permit developers 
  • Gas test atmospheres
  • Gas testing and monitoring equipment (including remote monitoring)
  • Motion detection equipment
  • PPE Integrated communication equipment
  • Licensed and ticketed confined space rescue team (B.A)
  • Working at heights Equipment and personnel
  • Qualified licensed confined space rescue team (Multiple full-time personnel trained and ticketed)
  • Inspection and tag harness and other working at heights equipment

As a licensed regulated waste removalist, RoadPak Industries have a proven team of asbestos removal specialists who are capable in the identification and removal of friable and non-friable asbestos. Waste tracking certificates are submitted via the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) Connect Cloud. Dependent on the scope, RoadPak Industries are geared to deliver both smaller projects with hazard bags and mass removal via integration of our hook bin capabilities ranging from asbestos comtaminated spoils to asbestos piping, gaskets or sheeting. 

With years of experience in Civil Construction and Earthworks, we are equip to manage your project no matter how big or small. Please click here for our Projects Page to see past projects we have worked on. 

Project Management

Easement Maintenance 


Coating / relining

Poly Welding 

Infrastructure Shutdowns 

Plant hire – backhoes, excavators, tip trucks, hook truck, graders. rollers, tractors

Registered waste tracking and transporting